Maritime eLearning

Better, cheaper, more flexible learning

eLearning is the future. End of.

eLearning used to be excruciatingly dull. Not any more. Now it’s a fully flexible, immersive and interactive experience which draws users in and holds their attention much more effectively than even classroom-based training. It might seem like an intimidating shift but it really is the future of learning and we’re here to help you get there.


We are experts at developing eLearning content within the maritime industry, for both ports and shipping companies. Only we combine innovative learning strategies and the attentiveness of a small business, with a deep understanding of the maritime industry. This reduces familiarisation time, eliminates stupid questions and keeps budgets sensible. As a result, our eLearning products are simply unbeatable.

Blended learning. The best of both worlds.

Don’t get us wrong; human trainers are fantastic at facilitating valuable conversations, consolidating knowledge and answering complex questions. But, let’s be honest, 95% of their time is spent just going through the content. What if we could free the trainer to do only the things that they are best at, while at the same time, freeing the student to study in the way that suits them?


Well, that’s blended learning and we love it. We’ll help you to breakdown your course and develop a methodology which harnesses the strengths of both trainer-led and eLearning solutions into one package. The eLearning will impart the basic knowledge in the most interactive, engaging and flexible way possible. Then the trainer will swoop in and consolidate the knowledge, answer tricky questions, and facilitate workshops and conversations to take the learning experience to the next level.

What if we could free the trainer to do only the things that they are best at?

Exemplary Expertise
Our unique combination of maritime and training expertise means we understand your training needs and require minimal familiarisation, saving you time and money.
Intriguing Interactions
We use a suite of interactive tools, so that the learner can explore cause and effect, control their environment and enjoy a personalised learning experience, across a range of devices.
Blended Strategies
We use eLearning not to replace instructors but to give them the time and freedom to do what they are best at; supporting learners and facilitating fascinating conversations.
Storytelling Prowess
Our in-house storytelling and graphic design team are expert at weaving complex content into engaging narratives and beautiful visuals to captivate learners’ attention.