Associated British Ports

Development of eLearning Content

In Summary

We developed a package of short and engaging eLearning modules so that ABP could raise awareness of certain key issues. Our training is now being used by thousands of employees, across twenty one ports, all around the UK.

The Challenge

Associated British Ports employs thousands of people across their twenty one ports, which are themselves located in every corner of the UK. As you can imagine, this can make training a challenge, especially when you consider that ABP’s teams are constantly busy maintaining the flow of goods in and out of our country.


Even with these constraints, ABP takes staff training very seriously, and they needed a solution to enable them to deliver awareness training on certain key subjects to a diverse group of staff, in an array of different locations, but without taking them away from the day-job for longer than necessary.

Our Solution

When you’re trying to train large numbers of people in a flexible way, the obvious answer is eLearning and it was clear that our solution needed to boil down a lot of content into a short and highly-engaging solution.


With ABP’s rough scope for the project in hand, the first step was to dig deep into the subject matter and identify the key topics we needed to cover. We then fleshed out this content to the full level of detail necessary for the project, bearing in mind that we had a strict time limit on the eLearning products and a lot to pack in.


Once the content had been developed, the next step was to make sure that it was as engaging as possible. We knew that we wanted to incorporate plenty of interactive elements and different types of media to maintain the learner’s interest, so we went through the content again and determined the best learning strategies for each bit.


Using our market-leading eLearning authoring software, we brought the whole project together, combining a clean, modern look, with video content, a voiceover, interactive elements galore and a quiz at the end to ensure our learners were reaching the right standard. After testing, testing, testing and testing again, we delivered the final products a week early and on budget.

In Their Own Words

ABP Academy commissioned Whitehorse Maritime to create three new eLearning modules, and develop a package of training for our Mooring and Berthing staff. These projects contained filming, animations, eLearning content, PowerPoint presentations, a training syllabus and lessons plans.  For both of these projects it has been a pleasure to work with them, and we are delighted with their work.


The content looks very professional and is completely bespoke to our requirements. Monica’s technical skills in filming and creating content are exceptional, and with Paul’s maritime background you know they fully understand what you want to achieve. The input and advice they gave for our projects were vital, and we would not hesitate to use them again. The support they have provided even after the content has been delivered was also very good. You can tell that they have a real sense of pride in their work.

Alex Edmeades - Marine Training Coordinator - ABP Academy