Market Research for New Weather Software

In Summary

We worked with ChartCo to ensure that the weather component of their new OneOcean e-navigation & compliance platform was perfectly suited to the needs of the seafarers that would be using it.

The Challenge

ChartCo is a long-established and well-respected software provider within the maritime industry but they don’t have many ex-seafarers amongst their staff. The problem is that while the software and product teams might think that they’ve created the world’s best software package, it’s vitally important that they understand how seafarers think about the weather and ensure that their software offering meets their needs.

Our Solution

When we were first approached by ChartCo, we knew that it would be an interesting little project. Regardless of the seafaring experience that we have in-house, we always enjoy dusting down the phone book and reaching out to our contacts across the maritime industry. For a project like this, the key thing was to make sure that we gave ChartCo a balanced view, equally weighted across the different sectors and including both shoreside and shipboard staff.


Working with the ChartCo team, we put together a questionnaire covering their areas of interest and then conducted sixteen separate interviews. This information was then collated and the trends identified, before we attended the ChartCo offices to deliver a presentation and give further feedback face-to-face. Our research was incorporated into the final version, which is currently being used by thousands of seafarers all over the world.

In Their Own Words

We worked with Whitehorse Maritime when developing an integrated weather offering as part of our new OneOcean e-navigation and compliance platform. They delivered a very helpful and professional service and we will be looking to use them again.Howard Stevens - Chief Commercial Officer - ChartCo