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Development of Mooring Operations Training

In Summary

As part of their continuous efforts to improve safety, ABP asked us to develop a package of training materials to ensure that all of their mooring teams across the country are operating to the same, high standard, based on industry best practice.

The Challenge

When you have thousands of employees across twenty one different ports, it can be a real challenge to ensure that operations are all being done in the same way, following the same best practice. This is made trickier still when you consider that mooring operations in many ports are sub-contracted to third parties, who are then responsible for the training of their own staff.


Yet, regardless of the difficulty of doing so, ensuring that everyone is operating to the highest standards of safety is critical because mooring operations is a high-risk activity and injuries can be severe, if things do go wrong. This is exactly why ABP takes this matter so seriously and made getting this training developed and in place a matter of priority.

Our Solution

Before you can offer a solution, you need to understand the problem. To do so, we held extensive meetings with the team at ABP Academy and visited ABP Southampton to spend time with the Berthing Officers and their teams. This gave us a solid understanding of where the team felt the issues lay and enabled us to offer practical solutions.


With the background sorted, we immersed ourselves in every bit of industry best practice that we could find. We then developed the syllabus and training plan around which we would develop our final products. Bringing all of that best practice together, we created PowerPoint-based learning products for the trainer to use, along with lesson plans and assessment criteria.


The final part of the project involved a trip down to ABP Plymouth. We spent the day filming the videos that would go alongside the rest of the training materials. These videos enabled us to demonstrate the most critical elements of the best practice in an especially engaging and relatable fashion.

In Their Own Words

ABP Academy commissioned Whitehorse Maritime to create three new eLearning modules, and develop a package of training for our Mooring and Berthing staff. These projects contained filming, animations, eLearning content, PowerPoint presentations, a training syllabus and lessons plans.  For both of these projects it has been a pleasure to work with them, and we are delighted with their work.


The content looks very professional and is completely bespoke to our requirements. Monica’s technical skills in filming and creating content are exceptional, and with Paul’s maritime background you know they fully understand what you want to achieve. The input and advice they gave for our projects were vital, and we would not hesitate to use them again. The support they have provided even after the content has been delivered was also very good. You can tell that they have a real sense of pride in their work.

Alex Edmeades - Marine Training Coordinator - ABP Academy