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The best training requires people who are passionate about the subject and innovate in their approach. Our people allow us to provide training that gets the absolute best out of your team, growing and molding them into employees that drive your business forward, improve safety and act as a bulwark against disaster.


We provide courses which are entirely bespoke and responsive to the requirements of our clients, and they can be conducted onboard or at the client’s office. Our relationships with leading educational institutions also enable us to provide full STCW certification for relevant courses.

He has honestly been the best instructor I have come across, teaching valuable knowledge, which I will most definitely use and remember. The course has been uplifting and entertaining, and it was wonderful to raise my own opinion and be made to feel welcome. Thank you so much.

Course Participant

Safety & ISM Code

Navigation & ECDIS

Emergency Response

Bridge Resource Management

Shoreside Regulatory Awareness

Security & ISPS Code

Yacht Deck Operations

Leadership & Management